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New Vizio TV 2017

New Vizio TV 2018
Vizio TV 2017 - New Vizio TV 4K Ultra HD are a the latest update from Vizios in cheapest 4K TV . This year all models begin a screen size of 55 inches and support HDR streaming with Dolby sound.

New Vizio TV 2017

Vizio SmartCast in CES 2017 have an innovation awards for P-Series 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Display as a part of the revolutionary VIZIO SmartCast collection that includes High Dynamic Range and Dolby Vision and HDR10 content support and Ultra Color Spectrum all at incredibly competitive price points category video displays.
Vizio SmartCast 4K UHD HDR

Official VIZIO, Inc. announced its all-new 2017 VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display collection. Powered by XLED Pro, VIZIO’s most powerful full-array local dimming backlight technology, and XHDR Pro with Dolby Vision and HDR10 content support, the 2017 P-Series pushes the boundaries of high dynamic range. The range of contrast within the lineup has been dramatically expanded to provide more detail, depth and color than ever before. Excellent picture performance is complimented by an intuitive smart TV experience designed with consumers in mind.

Coming this summer, SmartCast TV will enable users to browse featured content and a curated list of apps directly on the big screen with the included remote. For those who prefer to control their entertainment via a mobile device, SmartCast Mobile is an app available for download for iOS and Android that seamlessly transforms mobile devices into powerful touchscreen remotes. Chromecast built-in further enhances the experience, allowing consumers to stream thousands of apps they know and love straight to their display. The all-new VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display lineup starts at $1,299.99 for the 55” class size and is available now at VIZIO site. The new Vizio TV E-Series lineup to next in 2018 only works with the latter, but bundled tablet remote you do not accept. That’s not a problem because you can buy, Vizio TV support HDR10 most of the big streaming services for Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.

Vizio TV 2017 E Series

New Vizio TV
If you are looking for a best 4K HD TV at an affordable price and don’t much care about every spec, the E-Series is probably think a good look.

Vizio TV 2017 P Series
New Vizio TV 4K Ultra HDR10

P is the premium label in Vizio TV now the specs supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 ultra 4K.

The VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display will be displayed at CES 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada also be displayed at CES Unveiled New York, which features dozens of exhibitors and networking opportunities at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York.

Vizio TV 2017 M Series
Vizio TV XXL Models

P is the premium label in Vizio TV now the specs supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 ultra 4K. The 2017 P-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro collection looks to build on the success of the 2016 lineup which received an Editors’ Choice as one of the Best TVs of 2016. Consumers interested in a 2017 P-Series will appreciate lifelike detail and clarity that redefines the viewing experience in large part thanks to HDR performance with Dolby Vision and HDR content support. With enriched brightness, XHDR Pro full-array local dimming technology delivers some of the industry’s best full-white brightness performance which dramatically expands the contrast range to reveal new detail with enhanced shadows and highlights. Viewers will notice the impact of Ultra Color Spectrum, which offers over one billion colors to produce richer, more accurate color detail. For viewers who appreciate rich, inky blacks, the Xtreme Black Engine Pro enables precise backlight control utilizing up to 128 local dimming zones to adapt brightness to the on-screen image and achieve extremely deep black levels. Additionally, Clear Action 960 technology and an ultra-fast 240Hz effective refresh rate achieved with backlight scanning ensures action-packed scenes are smooth, stable and realistic.

Vizio TV XXL Models

They have neighborhood diminishing, however the quantity of zones differs by show estimate. For example, the 75-inch XXL display has 14 zones, and the greatest model — 80 inches — has 16. As a member of the VIZIO SmartCast collection, every P-Series offers an intuitive smart TV experience. Available this summer as an over-the-air update to 2016 SmartCast Ultra HD displays and all 2017 SmartCast models, VIZIO is bringing the SmartCast mobile experience to the big screen by making apps accessible directly from the display. An intuitive SmartCast TV home screen greets users with content recommendations and favorite apps like Crackle, Hulu, iHeartRadio, Vudu and XUMO. Users can easily browse content with their remote before launching TV shows, movies and more, directly from their display with the touch of a button. A revamped out-of-box experience and easy first-time setup helps consumers get their displays up and running without a hitch. SmartCast Mobile offers yet another way for consumers to access their favorite entertainment. By simply downloading the SmartCast Mobile iOS or Android app, users can turn their mobile devices into the ultimate touchscreen remote where they can search, browse and stream content and control display settings from any room in the house. Popular networks from Turner, including TNT, TBS and Cartoon Network, along with favorite apps like Fandango NOW, Hulu, iHeartRadio, Pluto TV, Vudu, XUMO and more have been integrated into VIZIO SmartCast Mobile allowing viewers to easily search and stream shows from their mobile devices to the big screen.

Vizio TV 2017 Price

The XXL models don't come modest, be that as it may: the 75-incher runs $1,999.99 and the 80-inch E-Series hops to an eye-popping $3,399.99. The 55-inch adaptation, which is the base for HDR, is a significantly more moderate $550. All VIZIO SmartCast displays feature Chromecast built-in which allows viewers to browse thousands of Chromecast-enabled apps – including 4K and HDR content from apps like Netflix and Vudu – on their mobile devices. VIZIO SmartCast manual by simply tapping the Cast button in Chromecast-enabled apps, or using voice to control their display with the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home, consumers can stream their favorite shows and movies right to the big screen. The Quick Start Mode allows VIZIO users to turn on their displays automatically with a tap of the Cast button. By simply launching a Chromecast-enabled app, users can tap the Cast button and their display will turn on automatically and start streaming the selected entertainment. VIZIO P- and M-Series displays are also compatible with Chromecast Ultra.

For more information on the all-new 2017 VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display collection visit VIZIO TV official website.

Vizio TV Price

  • VIZIO SmartCast P-Series 55” Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display (P55-E1) MSRP $1,299.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast P-Series 65” Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display (P65-E1) MSRP $1,999.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast P-Series 75” Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display (P75-E1) MSRP $3,499.99
  • P-Series 65" Cost Starting at $1,699.99
  • M-Series 65" Starting at $1,049.99
  • E-Series 65" Starting at $899.99
  • D-Series 65" Starting at $899.99

Vizio TV Tips

Google's Chromecast is as yet the working framework on these TVs. However, you don't get a packaged tablet remote with the E-Series line, so you'll need to control basically everything with the telephone or tablet you've as of now got.


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