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How to Install Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3

Vizio TV E600i-B3 Manual & E700i-B3 User Guide
How to Install Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3 - Congratulation for purchasing Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3. You must be very excited with your new Vizio TV. Don’t forget to inspect the package contents in order to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. Read here Vizio TV E600i-B3 Manual & E700i-B3 Quick Start Guide and download Vizio TV Manual PDF here.When you are ready, now it is time to install your new TV.

How to Install Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3

If you need some help installing the Vizio TV, we have this tutorial about How to Install Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3. It is important for you to learn how to install your TV properly so that later you can enjoy your watching time in comfort, and no damage risk to the TV and anything else. Here in this tutorial, we will give you everything you need to know about two ways of how to install Vizio TV E600i-B3 User Guide & E700i-B3 Manual. First is the TV installation on a flat surface, using the included stand and the second is on a wall, using a VESA-standard wall mount (not included).

Installing the TV on a flat surface
For the first step about how to install Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3, we will need to put on the TV stand first. If you want to install the TV on a flat surface, you can use the included stand which has been designed to support the weight of the TV and keep it from falling over. By the way, let’s start installing the TV on a flat surface by installing the TV stand. To initiate this installation, make sure that there is someone else helping you with this installation. It is recommended that two people take part in the base installation. If you are ready, follow the Vizio E600i-B3 instuction in step by step below:
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  1. Remove any plastic wrapping from the TV and the stand.
  2. Place the TV screen-down on a clean, flat surface. You need to prepare a soft surface such as a blanket to place the TV to prevent scratches or damage to the screen.
  3. Insert the three (3) included M5 16mm Philips screws and tighten them using a Philips screwdriver to secure the base to the TV.
  4. Place the TV on a stable, level surface when you are finished.
When you put the TV on its stand, make sure that you leave at least 1” of space between the back of the TV and any other object, such as a wall to ensure proper ventilation. Although you have installed the TV stand, it is still possible for the TV to fall over if you place it on an uneven, unstable, or non-level surface. Don’t push, pull or move the TV improperly because you may fall the TV down. Your TV is also not properly secured if there is an earthquake occurs.

Installing Vizio TV on a wall
Here is Vizio TV guide and tutorial, what you need to know about how to install Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3 on a wall. Keep in mind that the equipment to install the TV on a wall is not included. So, make sure that you are ready with all the requirements before starting the installation steps. The first thing you need to prepare to install the TV on a wall is a wall mount. You will also need someone to help you with this installation. Below there are some important information you need to find in the store to get the appropriate mount for your Vizio TV models :
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Consider the capability of the mount to support the TV weight when you are choosing the mount. When you are ready with the whole thing, follow the Vizio TV guide steps below:
  1. Disconnect any cables connected to your TV
  2. Prepare a clean, flat, stable surface to place the TV face-down and make sure that the surface is clear of debris that can scratch or damage the TV.
  3. Remove the base by loosening and removing the screws.
  4. Attach your TV and wall mount to the wall, and make sure that you are following the instructions that came with your mount.
When installing the Vizio TV on a wall, make sure that you use only with a UL-listed wall mount bracket rated for the weight/load of this Vizio TV settings. You need to know that for some wall mounts, you may want to use cables with right-angle connectors. By using this, you are able to place the TV to rest closer to the wall. That’s all everything about how to install Vizio TV E600i-B3 & E700i-B3. Hopefully this tutorial is helpful for you.

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